terça-feira, novembro 23, 2010

Welcome to Our 21st Century!

Our communications:    Wireless
Our phones:     Cordless
Our cooking:        Fireless
Our food:       Fatless
Our sweets:      Sugarless
Our labour:       Effortless
Our relations:        Fruitless
Our attitudes:        Careless
Our feelings:         Heartless
Our education:        Worthless
Our politics:         Shameless
Our mistakes:         Countless
Our arguments:        Baseless
Our wars:             Pointless
Our youth:            Jobless
Our women:            Topless
Our boss:             Brainless
Our jobs:             Thankless
Our needs:            Endless
Our situation:        Hopeless
Our salaries:          LESS AND LESS

Até logo, vizinhos. Vou pra dentro.


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