domingo, dezembro 05, 2010

Investing in Gold

I am getting more interested with gold or gold coins since I learned that they are a good investment. A lot of gold coin collectors and buyers now that say that gold 401k is the number one alternative. There are also some that would just do the gold IRA transfer to a new or another custodian.
Gold is the only investment that has consistently counteracted our falling Dollar for over ten years, and continues to grow...
My grandparents gave me some old coins that they keep for almost a century. That was only the time when I found out that they have those. There were gold coins but I'm not sure if there were gold IRA. How I wished it was like an IRA gold. I knew my grandparents used to have a few gold coins but I have no idea where they are right now.. I bet they don't know where those coins went anyway. I wish to see them, and to find out if they are like 401k gold.
You want your retirement years to truly be the "Golden Years"-in the most literal meaning of the phrase at that. Self directed gold IRA investing is for all those who want control over their assets and retirement years. 



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