terça-feira, maio 18, 2004

O teste das cores...

Vivam, vizinhos!
Aqui vos deixo este teste para que façam e descubram coisas interessantes acerca de vós mesmos.

O meu resultado foi este:
You have little interest in your financial investments. You are not driven by material wealth and prefer to see where destiny takes you.
Preferring a more casual appearance, you are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a suit. You don't like over dressing for any occasion, although you never look scruffy.
Variety is the spice of life! You are comfortable in any crowd or situation, and always come away with new friends.
You value highly what is important to you. Some people may find your possessions a little out of fashion, but you don't mind as they appeal to your taste.
You are very sociable! You are the center of attention and have great stories to tell. But this often prevents from establishing deep relationships.
You are a no-nonsense, practical person. You make sure that you are there when your friends need you, and like to solve their problems for them.

Completamente certo!...
Até já, vizinhos.
Vou pra dentro.


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